Armstrong To Play Admiral Forrest

By Christian
July 30, 2001 - 10:43 PM

Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest - copyright Paramount Pictures As the actor who holds the record for playing the largest amount of alien guest characters on Star Trek, Vaughn Armstrong will finally be able to stay out of prosthetics for his role in the Enterprise pilot, as he will be playing the human Admiral Forrest.

At the recent 'Voyager: The Return' convention, Armstrong told EnterpriseUK.TV that he will be playing the role of Forrest in 'Broken Bow.' Forrest will be one of three Starfleet admirals seen in the episode, named in honour of the Original Series actors DeForest Kelley (McCoy), Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and William Shatner (James T. Kirk). It is not yet known who will be playing Admirals Leonard and Williams.

EnterpriseUK.TV obtained a photo of Armstrong as Admiral Forrest, a small version of which can be seen above. As seen in the photo, the new Enterprise admiral's uniform still includes elements of a traditional suit. On the cuffs of the uniform, there is a gold embroidery similar to that seen in the Original Series uniform, along with a red, gold & teal band - fitting with the department colours used on the Enterprise uniforms.

Armstrong is one of Star Trek's most frequent guest stars, beginning his association with the franchise when he played the Klingon Korris in TNG's 'Heart of Glory.' He has since appeared in DS9 and Voyager, last playing Korath in 'Endgame.' He was previously thought to be playing the injured Klingon pilot in 'Broken Bow.'

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