Series V News Round-Up

By Caillan
June 30, 2001 - 4:22 PM

A possible dediciation motto for Series V's Enterprise surfaced today, based on a cryptic comment made by the show's Scenic Art Supervisor, Michael Okuda. Okuda has since denied this motto will actually be used in the series.

One of the Great Link's regular contributors told that site that he had suggested to Okuda to use a line from Shakespeare's 'Othello,' as that was used when the aircraft carrier Enterprise was commissioned. Okuda replied back to say, "Shakespeare also wrote, in 'Julius Caesar,' another line: 'The heavens speed thee in thine enterprise.'"

Okuda's comment caused some to wonder whether this would in fact be the dedication motto of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise, but the designer said this was not the case. "The answer was my way of not answering," he told TrekToday, "but no, the Shakespeare quote is not being used on the show."

Jerry Goldsmith will soon be returning to the world of television. Speaking in England on Thursday, he said that his first job, on returning to the USA, would be writing the theme for a new television series, though he did not specify whether this would be for Enterprise.

Goldsmith made the remark at a concert held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where he conducted the London Symphony Orchestra, playing some of Goldsmith's most famous film music. The composer made no reference to Enterprise during either the concert or the question and answer session, but given his long-time Trek association and his infrequent television work, he may well have been referring to Series V.

Goldsmith is a long time Trek associate, having scored several of the feature films, as well as the opening themes for The Next Generation and Voyager. Although he hasn't scored for a television series since creating the Voyager and Legend themes in 1995, Goldsmith is a veteran of over two hundred feature films and more than twenty television series. Even though a new Star Trek series would seem a likely reason for the composer to return to television work, it is of course also possible that he will be composing for a different series. Thanks go out to Frank Wales for this!

Enterprise SFX logo -  copyright Luke Griffin

On Thursday, TrekWeb posted a photo of a trailer on the Paramount lot that featured a logo used by the Enterprise special effects department. The logo featured a top-down view of an unknown ship that has been speculated to be the Enterprise. Additional corroboration has emerged from two sources for the report.

The site's regular source 'Robnhud' noted that the sign, seen stuck on a trailer near one of the soundstages, does indeed exist. Furthermore, Section 31 claimed that "a very reliable source" said that the image seen on the sign is genuine, and that it does look like the new Enterprise.

Despite the indications from these sources, there still has been no official confirmation from Paramount on what the new ship will look like, although designer John Eaves suggested that it would be similar to the Akira class (story).

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