Robert Duncan McNeill Bullets

By Christian
June 30, 2000 - 11:39 PM

  • Voyager's Delights has reprinted an interview with Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), which first appeared in Issue 129 of the official Star Trek Communicator. One of the things he talks about are his post-Voyager plans:

    . "I would love to direct and produce more. It's been a bit frustrating the last year or so, because I've had multiple opportunities to do some things out side of Star Trek, and I haven't been available. And also, as an actor, I'd love to go and do something really different than a TV show for a while. "I'd love to do a play 'I love to go back to New York, just because there's a certain intensity that you find in the theater back there, not that it's better or worse, but there's a different intensity doing theater in New York than in other places."

    In addition, he intends to spend some time together with his wife and three children, who he hasn't really been able to spend a holiday with in the past few years, as they always had school during the Voyager hiatus. More on that, as well as McNeill's thoughts on season six, can be found in the full interview, which I was pointed to by Gustavo Leao.

  • RanDoM Flight, the McNeill fan club, has posted some new images of McNeill and his co-stars, which will be sold at upcoming conventions.

  • And the site is also reporting that the The Second RanDoM Flight Champagne Charity Cruise is tentatively planned for April 1, 2001, with full details and ticket information becoming available on the first of August of this year.

  • And finally, the site has put up another report of a recent con McNeill attended in Australia.

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