On Andromeda's Vedrans

By Christian
June 30, 2000 - 10:52 PM

Don Lipper at Space.com has put up a new edition of his weekly 'Andromeda' dispatches, talking to the series' executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe about the Vedrans, the founders of the Systems Commonwealth. Here's how the interview starts:

SPACE.com: Who is the most important alien race in the series?

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: It depends on what your definition of "important" is. In the greater scheme of the universe the most important race is the Vedrans. They founded the Commonwealth. In the importance of the series they're not so important because we haven't quite figured out how we're going to pull them off yet and we don't have a show featuring one yet. Overall we will see their alphabet all over the place. We will hear the word "Vedran" quite a bit. They're very important but we won't see much of them.

We will see several Than over the course of the early going of the series, a good number of Nightsiders and good number of Perseids. They're an all important level of relative importance as the series unfolds. In order of prominence in the Commonwealth, it would be Vedran, Perseid, Than, Nightsider.

SC: Okay. And Vedrans?

RHW: Vedrans are very noble, very dedicated, they're hard working people. They're very patient, governing part of the same political organization for thousands of years. We haven't really gone to great lengths to do their look yet, because we haven't needed to.

SC: So, ideally they're gonna look like centaurs?

RHW: Ideally.

For the full interview, please follow this link.

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