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Beltran Assesses The C/7 Relationship

By Caillan
May 30, 2002 - 7:03 PM

One year after 'Endgame' aired, Robert Beltran (Chakotay) still isn't particularly fond of the sudden romance between the Maquis first officer and Seven of Nine, but the actor did admit playing opposite Jeri Ryan had its advantages.

During an appearance at Page's Bar last weekend, Beltran was asked what it was like to kiss Seven. "Jeri Ryan has some very soft lips," the actor said, according to a report by Iain Baillie. "But with loads of lights, and three technicians leering away - it took all the pleasure out of it. Still, Jeri Ryan made it quite tolerable."

More seriously, Beltran didn't feel the relationship worked particularly well overall. "It was okay. It gave me something to do - but there wasn't any development."

Asked what he thought of the Voyager finale overall, Beltran stated his opinion frankly. "The writing on Voyager was shit," he said. "After the likes of professionals such as Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller and Ken Biller left the show - we got twenty year old writers whose biggest life experience was having a wet dream. Their meetings were like 'Hey - wouldn't it be so kewl if Chakotay and Seven kissed - we don't need to explain how it happened - just put it in.'"

The busty ex-Borg popped up again when Beltran talked about what Voyager meant to him. "Money. Cute fluffy dogs called Porthos. Seven of Nine's tits," he quipped. "But basically the money! But with Voyager I expected too much – like a decent script once in a while."

But in the end, both Janeway and Seven failed to capture Beltran's heart, with the actor confessing he would rather get together with Tom Paris. The lieutenant's sexiest attributes? "His eyes..."

The full report on the evening at Page's Bar can be found here.

On May 30th, we published an article based on a report of Robert Beltran's appearance at Page's Bar in London (story). We would like to make it clear that Mr. Beltran disputes the version of events posted in the report and feels that it presents a very inaccurate picture of his statments.

All of us here at TrekToday would like to apologise to Mr. Beltran and his fans for any offence of inconvenience caused by this article.

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