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'Shockwave' Review Round-up

By Caillan
May 30, 2002 - 7:02 PM

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Enterprise's first-season finale, 'Shockwave,' has continued to receive positive reviews from online critics.

A round-up of the latest analyses can be found below:

  • Over at Psi Phi, Tim Lynch seemed to enjoy 'Shockwave,' particularly the final portion of the episode. "The last act of 'Shockwave' is one of the more enjoyable acts I've seen from the show in a while. It was somewhat quiet in a lot of ways, but built up a nice sense of mystery and foreboding while remaining true to its characters. [...] The real meat of the act, though, was the very last scene that sets up the cliffhanger. Putting Archer in the 31st century may not be a huge surprise, but it most definitely worked - as I said at the outset, we're certainly not facing a situation that invites obvious solutions." In the full review, the episode was awarded a score of 8 out of 10.

  • Cinescape's Leo Walsh said that although 'Shockwave' was a good episode by itself, a two-part episode needs to be assessed as a whole.

    As Trek cliffhangers go, it's reasonably compelling - but as we've learned from Star Trek: The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager, the proof of a cliffhanger is in the execution of part two - which we won't see until the fall. [...] It's a lot easier to put the Enterprise crew in a terrible fix than it is to find an original way to get them out of it, and since the solutions to the cliffhangers usually aren't conceived until well after the first parts have aired, there's no guarantee the creative energy that made the first part great is going to follow through into part two.

    Go here to read the entire article, in which 'Shockwave' was awarded a B grade.

  • Captain Archer receieved a positive write-up in monkee's 'Archer Watch' section of her 'Shockwave' review. "I loved everything about Archer this week!" she wrote at monkee's place. "Here's a Trek Captain that could really grow on me! For the first time, I feel like he truly comprehends the burdens of his position. His initial response to the tragedy was very realistic. Of course he'd be desperate, angry, and finally numb. As Phlox so sensibly observes, that's part of being human." Overall, monkee described 'Shockwave' as "awesome" and gave it 9.5 out of 10 in her complete analysis.

  • 'Keckler' at Television Without Pity awarded 'Shockwave' an A grade. Her thirteen-page recap of the episode starts here.

  • TrekToday visitors also rated 'Shockwave' highly, with the episode scoring an average rating of 8.7 in our weekly poll. This places 'Shockwave' as the highest fan-rated episode of the season, just above 'Cold Front' and 'Dear Doctor,' which both had an average rating of 8.6.

More information on 'Shockwave' can be found in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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