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Tactical Assault Lets Players Shape the Game

By Michelle
April 30, 2006 - 4:13 PM

The Star Trek: Tactical Assault producer said that the upcoming game will offer both combat and tactical advantages and that the company was "working with some famed Trek writers to craft two original, branching stories" that would fit into the previous Star Trek universe.

Charles Harribey told IGN that the new game, designed by Quick Silver Software and produced by Bethesda Softworks, will allow players to assume command of most popular starship models and play on the side of either the Federation of the Klingon Empire. "For the PSP, there is simply nothing else like it," Harribey said. "If you're looking for a tactical action game with strong multiplayer, this is combat in a way that no other game offers."

The game, he added, would appeal to gamers who are not particularly Star Trek fans because it was designed for the strengths of the PSP. "What Star Trek brings to the table is a wide selection of already popular ship designs set in a familiar universe. It is a game that stands on it's own, but also takes full advantage of what Star Trek has to offer," he explained. The game consists of two campaigns - one Federation, one Klingon - in which players make command decisions that impact the course of the story:

For example, you might receive a distress call from a mining planet whose ore shipments are being raided. You could show up and attack the raiders, after all they're the bad guys. You could also hail the raiders and learn that the raiders are actually the miners who are rebelling against inhuman working conditions. Turns out the mining colony are the real bad guys.

Multiplayer mode will allow players to compete in head-to-head battles with an escalation mode to allow players of different skill levels to have balanced games. "There's also single and multiple ship skirmishes, alliance battles, various assault and defense scenarios, and co-op matches where players can team up to fight AI controlled ships." Some of the possible warships include Romulan and Gorn designs, meaning that players can have cloaking devices. The PSP makes possible wireless head-to-head games and may have downloadable content later. The DS version "makes good use of both the dual screens and the stylus."

The full article is at IGN.

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