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Pocket Books Announces New Releases

By Michelle
April 30, 2003 - 6:59 PM

Four omnibus collections of Star Trek novels and a novelization of Enterprise's new season-spanning two-parter will be published by Pocket Books in upcoming months.

David Henderson of Psi Phi has updated the book database there with planned new releases from September through December 2003. The first of these may be J.M. Dillard's hardcover novelization of "The Expanse", the two-part episode that will end Enterprise's second season and begin the third. The book will be released in September or October depending on UPN's air date for the season premiere.

September will also see the release of a collection of Michael Jan Friedman's novels about Jean-Luc Picard, Reunion and The Valiant. The as-yet-untitled Next Generation omnibus will be the first of the Signature Series omnibus editions — trade paperbacks bearing a facsimile of the author's signature on the front page, which will market for $9.95.

In October, The Q Continuum will collect a trilogy of Next Generation Q novels by Greg Cox. November's Imzadis United brings together Peter David's Imzadi and Triangle: Imzadi II in one volume. Prime Factors in December will be an omnibus edition of Memory Prime and Prime Directive by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

Trek Nation book reviewer Jacqueline Bundy also passed along the news that J.G. Hertzler will speak about and sign his Left Hand of Destiny novels on Saturday, May 10th at noon at Borders Books in Oxnard near Los Angeles. More information may be obtained from the bookstore at 805-988-1210.

The complete Psi Phi Book Database is here.

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