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Nygard Talks 'Trekkies 2'

By Michelle
April 30, 2003 - 6:24 PM

"If you enjoy people watching, you always will have an interest in a documentary like this", says director Roger Nygard of his upcoming Trekkies 2, which begins filming this weekend in Europe.

Speaking to Michael Hinman of SyFy Portal, Nygard compared making a documentary about Star Trek fans to making a film about athletes with extraordinary statistics, saying, "We're more interested and entertained watching someone who is more extreme and unique in expressing their fandom."

Though he was aware of the controversy about the first Trekkies, which focused on extreme fans like costumer Gabriel Koerner and Whitewater juror Barbara Adams, Nygard said he was pleased if it got people to think and discuss fandom. "If everyone is a 'yes man' or 'yes woman,' there is no spark", he said, noting that in the sequel he would like to present the perspectives of fans who felt that Trekkies portrayed them negatively.

"Some people backhanded us a little bit with the common complaint that we didn't show more normal people," he added. "My first answer to them is who gets to decide what's normal?"

Though Trekkies 2 may end up competing for distribution with Trek Nation, the documentary being produced by Eugene W. Roddenberry, Nygard said he thought the two films would be complementary and that he looked forward to seeing another perspective.

"Gene Roddenberry said that [fans] were Trekkies ... 'I know, I created you'", noted Nygard. "I think he would enjoy the attention the fans are getting."

The complete article, which includes information about contacting Nygard and co-producer Denise Crosby, may be found here.

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