German Online Radio News

By Christian
April 30, 2000 - 9:35 PM

Over at the German Corona WebBEAT several news items have appeared about SF-Radio, the German online SF radio project that so desperately needs to have an English counterpart:

  • On Monday, Corona editor and moderator of the Audio 51-show Dennis Horn will put up a 'Making Of SF-Radio' show at the project's web site. For the special, Horn followed the work of several radio teams for a period of a few weeks.

  • The project has just been nominated by the 'ON-Team e.V.' for an award for creativity with the same name. The award will be presented to whoever wins it on the 10th of November in Bochum, Germany.

  • At the moment, SF-Radio is setting up a new show, which will be focusing on mystical series such as 'Buffy', 'Angel' and 'Charmed'. The entire concept has already been worked out, but SF-Radio is still looking for actual presenters. Click here to see how to apply for the position.

  • Up at Corona is a news item answering several questions about the TREKMinds show, which will now also be broadcast on Austrian regular radio. Amusingly, and for reasons unknown to me, the news item currently credits TrekToday as its source.

  • Finally, a new edition of the 'Audio 51' show has been put up at SF-Radio, containing general SF news and articles.

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