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By Christian
April 30, 2000 - 9:19 PM

  • According to issue 14 of the Star Trek Magazine, the U.S. Army has asked Trek production designer Herman Zimmerman to begin work on a real-life version of the holodeck, which will be used to train soldiers. The project aims to create a virtual reality environment in a large room. Herman says the quality of the images may not be as high as we've seen on STAR TREK, but he hopes the holodeck will be a reality within five years. The idea is to take soldiers through a number of interactive storylines, which could involve anything from aid missions to hostage situations. Thanks go out to Fred Shedian for this!

  • Shayne sends along word that Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax) will be appearing at a convention in Sydney (Australia) on the 6th of May, and will be attending another one in Melbourne the following week.

  • Also from the Star Trek Magazine and Fred Shedian comes the news that Voyager episodes 'Eye of the Needle,' 'Ex Post Facto,' 'Emanations,' 'Prime Factors,' and 'State of Flux' are due to be released on video on the 2nd of May.

  • has a short news item on the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, organised by William Shatner (James T. Kirk) and taking place this weekend in California.

  • Sam Wiley at Myrkr has put up an editorial about what the real strength of Star Trek is, reacting to the rather shallow depiction of the show on MSNBC's 'Time And Again' recently.

  • A recent story on ZDNet featured an edited image from 'Star Trek: First Contact', showing Microsoft's Bill Gates and someone else I didn't recognise off-hand in the place of Picard and Data, holding phaser rifles. Thanks go out to David Henderson for posting this at Psi Phi's DS9 Forum.

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