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Yelchin Finished Shooting His Part

By T'Bonz
March 30, 2008 - 1:18 AM

Walter Koenig was impressed with Anton Yelchin's portrayal of the character that he originated.

As reported by Rotten Tomatoes, shooting is finished for Yelchin, but a good time was had by the actor. "Shooting has been great fun," he said, "and I've just finished my part."

A meeting with Walter Koenig gave Yelchin feedback on his portrayal of the young Russian navigator. "I met him" said Yelchin, "but I actually did it after I was done with the majority of my part. I got to talk to him and figure our what he thinks about us making it and he was really pleased and oddly gracious as well."

Yelchin feels that the movie will be successful because of J.J. Abrams. "He's wonderful," said Yelchin, "and he's got so much enthusiasm and energy. More than I've seen in any director I've worked with. He's got the same energy now, if not more, than he did on day one of shooting, and that just amazes me. I think it's just really quite an achievement as a director to be like that because it's a really, really difficult job and it's time-consuming and the hours are really long and it's hard. That he manages to be the way he is, to me, is incredible."

In other Star Trek XI news as reported by, Simon Pegg is sympathetic to those who had concerns about his being cast as Montgomery Scott. "I think people are worried that I'm going to undermine the franchise by being outwardly comic," he said, "which is absolutely fair enough. They're fans of that series, and it's very dear to them. I don't begrudge anyone's opinion in that respect. I would hope that I can put their minds at rest and tell them that I am approaching it with complete and utter dedication to the original series. James Doohan's character was a wonderfully robust, rough-and-tumble, part genius, part street fighter. He's a great character to play, and James played him with an enormous amount of sympathy, and I tried to approach the role like he did. Get the character and say, 'Okay, he works in outer space, he's a physics genius and an engineer, and he comes from Linlithgow in northwest Scotland', and not go out there and try to do an impersonation of James."

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