Wil Wheaton To Write Star Trek Manga

By Christian
March 30, 2007 - 12:13 PM

Former TNG actor and frequent Trek blogger Wil Wheaton announced this week he will be writing a story to be included in the second volume of Star Trek: The Manga.

Wheaton couldn't yet reveal the title or contents of his story, but he was very open about his excitement. "This came my way about a month ago," Wheaton wrote on his blog, "when Luis Reyes, the editor in charge of the project, wrote to me that he'd heard I was into this sort of thing, and that I 'may be interested in contributing.' [...] As we've worked together, I've learned that Luis is all about the understatement."

Like all stories in the first Star Trek: The Manga volume, Wheaton's story will be set in the Original Series universe. According to Wheaton, he was initially terrified at the prospect of writing the story, but then realised it would help him fulfill his ambition of becoming a writer. "Ultimately, I decided that if I'm going to truly call myself a Writer, and if I'm truly going to write that novel someday, I've got to tackle fiction sooner or later... and what better way to test myself than with characters and a universe that I already know?"

The original Star Trek: The Manga was released by Managa distributor TokyoPop in September 2006. The book featured five stories, written by contributors such as Joshua Ortega, Jim Alexander and Chris Dows, several of whom had previously worked on regular Trek comics before. TokyoPop's second volume has been rumored to be primarily focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For Wheaton's original announcement, follow this link to his weblog. More on the original Star Trek Manga can be found at TokyoPop.

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