Three Background Articles

By Christian
March 30, 2000 - 10:43 PM

Perhaps in order to make up for the seeming lack of any other news, three sites have put up new background articles today. In the first place, Fred Shedian at the Trek Nation uploaded a new edition of his 'Take On Trek', this week looking at fan campaigns:

Many years ago, in what seems like a galaxy far away, a campaign was started to keep what studio executives thought was a "third rate television show" on the air. During the last few years of the 1960's, Star Trek fans came out in droves...supporting their show to the point of continued production for another year. This was the first time fans for the show made their presence known...and it would not be the last.

In his full column, Fred looks at two of the most recent fan campaigns, namely the Excelsior Campaign and Bring Back Kirk.

In addition to this, Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse has uploaded this week's edition of Hailing Frequencies, her regular Trek column. This week, she rounds up the latest Star Trek news, and provides reviews of the digital DS9 companion and the new novel 'Valiant'.

Finally, AntonyF at Fandom's Star Trek Central has written an article about the Dominion War, wondering if perhaps the Federation should not also be blamed for the war.

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