'Quadrant Wars' In Development

By Christian
March 30, 2000 - 9:53 PM

Justin Sampson just sent in a news submission about 'Quadrant Wars', a new multiplayer-online game being developed by a group of Star Trek fans:

I'm part of a small small team developing a multiplayer online game(MPOG) called Star Trek: Quadrant Wars being written in VisualBasic. At first it was in 3d, but a few months ago we switched and started developing it 2d. It's going to be totally online. It will be action based but will have a big degree of strategy in it because we plan on implementing a dynamic 'big' 'galaxy' style of play. The game is in Beta, a public beta, and even has basic multiplayer functions but the multiplayer runs kinda slow, something we are working to optimize.

'Quadrant Wars' is looking to combine the still very popular Netrek game with updated graphics, and will of course be completely free. In order to avoid copyright infringement problems, the project will be dropping the 'Star Trek' title from its name prior to soon and simply call it 'Quadrant Wars', though still having a Star Trek-theme, similar to the current situation for Netrek.

You can find more info on the game, as well as download a beta version, by going here.

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