Saldana On Uhura

By T'Bonz
January 30, 2008 - 9:00 PM

Gravitating towards roles that depict strong women, Zoe Saldana has found one in playing Uhura.

As reported at, the role of Uhura was just the type of role that appealed to Saldana. " I find myself looking for roles that are strong," she explained. "I'm easily turned off from roles that are soccer moms or love interest. If you really want me to say no, tell me that I will be 'the chick in the flick'. I have an issue with that. I'm not saying that I won't do those films, but I don't want to resemble half the women I know in my life, in this world, in this country."

Not originally a fan of the series, Saldana expressed admiration for Star Trek. "I never saw that," she said, referring to the original series. "I was not a fan until now and I have so much admiration for what they did, and how much the series continues to grow after 45 years and I had the honor of meeting Nichelle Nichols and working with Leonard Nimoy and it was fantastic."

Meeting Nichelle Nichols helped Saldana to understand the character of Uhura. "I was able to sit down with her and she told me the whole story of how Uhura came to be and where they were going with her character, but it all fell into place the moment she walked into the door and auditioned for the part."

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