Kirk Brothers To Be Seen As Children

By T'Bonz
January 30, 2008 - 8:36 PM

In addition to "young James T. Kirk", there will be a "child James T. Kirk" in the Star Trek XI movie with the casting of a child actor to play the role announced.

As reported at , Jimmy Bennett, an eleven-year-old actor, has been cast to play the role of a young James Kirk in Star Trek XI.

Bennett has appeared in such films as Hostage, The Amityville Horror, Firewall, Poseidon and Evan Almighty. A California native, Bennett has been appearing on television since he was six years old, starting with work in commercials. is reporting that a child version of James Kirk's older brother, George Samuel Kirk, has also been cast. Fifteen-year-old Spencer Daniels will be taking on the role. Daniels has been seen in various television episodes including: Mad TV, Cold Case and The Office. He is currently working on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which tells the story of a man who starts aging backwards. Daniels plays Benjamin Button as a twelve-year-old.

It has been revealed that the adolescent Kirk brothers will have a scene together. With the knowledge that Winona Kirk appears pregnant during the film, it would appear that the film will cover different parts of James Kirk's life from childhood through adulthood, jumping from one time period to another.

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