Savagery and Covert Ops in 'Demons'?

By Michelle
January 30, 2005 - 10:18 PM

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More news about the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Demons" suggests that familiar faces from the original series and the first steps in the formation of a United Federation of Planets will dominate the storyline, which also involves the presence of a Vulcan-Human hybrid child.

My Entertainment World posted information ostensibly from an online auditon listing, calling for actors to play a leader and a reporter at a historic United Earth conference and for a guest star to play "Colonel Green: 40, male," whose image appears on a monitor from a speech he gave a century ago. The villainous Colonel Green appeared in the original series episode "The Savage Curtain", which also featured historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Vulcan's Surak.

The casting sheet also indicates that the half-Vulcan, half-human child mentioned previously belongs to two familiar characters. Greaves, described as a "muscle man and enforcer" in his 30s, "poses as a medical technician in order to kidnap Trip and T'Pol's child."

TrekWeb also claims to have new information on "Demons", citing unnamed sources as saying that "the episode opens with an historical event that may prove to be the first step toward an actual formation of the United Federation of Planets" as a politician (identified in the casting sheet as "Nathan Samuels") outlines a plan for a trade coalition that would work together for peacekeeping and exploration. The conference has been made possible by the new universal translator developed with the help of Hoshi Sato.

TrekWeb's sources also state that the politician fears that post-Xindi xenophobia on Earth would make news of a half-Vulcan child unwelcome, and possibly disastrous to the alliance. The site speculates that this storyline might herald the origins of the covert operations carried out by Section 31, which executive producer Manny Coto said would be a factor in the fourth season.

The episode, reportedly directed by LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge), is said to be scheduled to begin filming on February 4th. Please treat all information as rumour until it is confirmed by Paramount or UPN. Thanks to Lee for the casting information link.

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