'Worlds Of Deep Space Nine' Announced

By Caillan
January 30, 2003 - 2:58 AM

Pocket Books editor Marco Palmieri this week announced a new miniseries of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels, entitled 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine.'

"As part of the continuing effort to diversify this line of fiction, 2004 will see the publication of 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine,' a staggered miniseries of three double novels focusing on the different planets and peoples showcased in the DS9 saga," Palmieri wrote at the Trek BBS. "Each standalone story will immerse readers in a different alien culture while at the same time tying directly into the continuing storyline of the post-finale DS9 novels."

The current plan is to release a new double novel every three or four months starting next year, Palmieri said. "Utilizing a different author for each story, the books will each contain two novellas (similar to 'The Badlands' and 'The Brave and the Bold'), focusing on two worlds in each volume. The civilizations visited in these stories will include Bajor, Cardassia, The Dominion, Ferenginar, Trill, and Andor, with emphasis on established characters connected to those cultures."

Palmieri also announced that the 10th anniversary DS9 hardcover novel, 'Unity', originally scheduled to be published in January and then April this year, has now been pushed back until November. The delays were caused by a happy coincidence - author S.D. Perry and Palmieri's wife became pregnant at the same time.

"That's when we decided to move the book to April '03, giving, we thought, the extra time Danelle [who writes under the name of S.D. Perry] would need to wrap things up before her baby was due," Palmieri said. "But you know kidsósometimes they catch you by surprise. Danelle's baby was born a month earlier than expected, and before she could finish work on the novel. I'm happy to report that baby and mother were both fine despite the premature delivery, but it shattered any hope we had of getting 'Unity' out in April, especially when my wife gave birth not long after."

While 'Unity' has been postponed until November, the anthology series 'Prophecy and Change' is on schedule to be published in November. The stories in the anthology will be set both during DS9's run and in the post-'What You Leave Behind' relaunch universe which began with 'Avatar' in 2001.

Authors currently scheduled to contribute to 'Prophecy and Change' are:

One author should be familiar even to those who aren't up to speed with the Star Trek novels - Andrew J. Robinson, best known for his portrayal of Cardassian tailor Garak on Deep Space Nine. For three of the contributors - Braswell, McCormack and Osborne - this is their first published Star Trek work.

Palmieri's original announcement can be found here at the Trek BBS. Congratulations to both families on their new arrivals! Thanks to Doug Wilson for this!

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