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Official 'Judgment' Details Released

By Caillan
January 30, 2003 - 2:09 AM

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Captain Archer will be put on trial by the Klingon Empire in the upcoming Enterprise episode 'Judgment'. yesterday posted the below synopsis of the episode, which is currently scheduled to air March 26:

Captain Archer stands accused before a Klingon tribunal of conspiring against the Empire, and his only hope of escaping a death sentence or life in the dilithium mines of Rura Penthe is an aging and disenchanted Klingon lawyer with little energy or enthusiasm for the case.

The teleplay was written by Enterprise consulting producer David A. Goodman based on a story by himself and Taylor Elmore, who served as a staff writer on the short-lived UPN series Freedom. As previously reported, 'Judgment' was directed by 'Broken Bow' helmer James L. Conway.

'Judgment's' guest cast includes:

  • J.G. Hertzler as Kolos
  • John Vickery as Orak
  • Granville Van Dusen as Magistrate
  • Daniel Riordan as Duras
  • Helen Cates as Klingon First Officer
  • Victor Talmadge as Asahf
  • D.J. Lockhart as Klingon Cell Guard

J.G. Hertzler will be familiar to Trek fans, having played the recurring role of General (later Chancellor) Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also appeared as the Vulcan captain in DS9's 'Emissary,' the Changeling Laas in 'Chimera' and an Hirogen in Voyager's 'Tsunkatse.'

John Vickery featured on DS9 as Gul Rusot in three episodes of the show's 'final chapter,' having previously played Andrus Hagan in TNG's 'Night Terrors.' Babylon 5 fans will recognise Vickery as the man behind the Minbari warrior Neroon.

Another returning Trek guest star is Daniel Riordan, who played Rondon in TNG's 'Coming of Age' and a guard in DS9's 'Progress.' Granville Van Dusen's credits include roles on Space: Above and Beyond, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Judging Amy and Gilmore Girls.

Helen Hates has appeared on Days of Our Lives and Walker, Texas Ranger, while Victor Talmadge guest-starred on Quantum Leap. D.J. Lockhart's only credit listed on the Internet Movie Database is an appearance in 'Romy and Michele: Behind the Velvet Rope.'

The seven-day shooting schedule ran from Friday, January 17 to Monday, January 27, with a large Klingon Tribunal Chamber (similar the one used for Kirk and McCoy's trial in 'Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country') built for Archer's hearing. Almost twenty extras were required to fill the galleries as rowdy Klingons in the Tribunal Chamber and serve as prisoners in the mines on Rura Penthe. Other sets constructed for 'Judgment' included Archer's cell and the bridge of a Klingon ship.

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