'Sleeping Dogs' Receives Positive Advance Review

By Caillan
January 30, 2002 - 2:27 PM

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Tonight's 'Sleeping Dogs' is a good episode worth watching, according to a new online review.

'Hercules' at Ain't It Cool News awarded the episode three out of a possible five stars, which translates to "actually worth your valuable time."

The review praised the performances of Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) and Jolene Blalock (T'Pol). "'Sleeping Dogs' benefits monumentally from the new chemistry shared by Hoshi and T'Pol to say nothing of Linda Park and Jolene Blalock's typically fabulous performances generally," 'Hercules' wrote, adding that "Hoshi [...] seems to be warming up to her new life as space adventurer."

'Sleeping Dogs' was described as a "marked improvement" over writer Fred Dekker's first Enterprise effort, 'The Andorian Incident'. The episode did have a few faults though, including the depiction of the Klingons. "Longtime viewers may find the relentlessly bull-headed Klingons and the dire race against time a little too familiar," the review said. "Trip continues to be used to good effect, but his role feels diminished of late; itd be nice to see more of him."

To read the full review, which includes further spoilers for the episode, head over to Ain't It Cool News.

Several new reviews of last week's 'Dear Doctor' have also appeared online recently. A breakdown of the latest reactions can be found below:

  • Over at Project Quantum Leap, Donna Dickenson thought 'Dear Doctor' was another excellent episode, but she had a few reservations about the 'prime directive' scene. Here's an extract from her review:

    When Archer launched into his 'doctrine/directive' speech, all I could think was 'Where in the heck did that come from??' I thought we had a QL moment where James T. Kirk leaped into the body of Jonathan Archer. This speech did not impress me as something Archer would say. It just did not sound like him. What I resented most of all was the feeling of the writers hitting me over the head with the words 'Foreshadowing, foreshadowing, foreshadowing!'

    However, the episode still scored 9 out of 10 in the full review.

  • Gisele La Roche at LCARScom.net and Voyager's Delights found the episode very stimulating. "We see the beginnings of the Prime Directive and it is done excellently," she wrote. "This is the type of episode I've been waiting for. Perhaps not as mind-teasing as say TNG's 'Parallels', 'Cause and Effect' or 'Timescape' or disturbing as Voyager's 'Scientific Method' or 'Tuvix' but still extremely thought provoking." 'Dear Doctor' was awarded a grade of A minus in the complete analysis.

  • "Though it came in quieter than you'd expect, this is one of the defining episodes of the series, and over all the best to date," wrote CJ Carter at ScoopMe. "Not because it had a flashy space battle, or because of some gee-whiz CGI effects, or because we saw the beginning of a plot device that would be both a friend/albatross in Starfleet's future." Go here to read the rest of the review.

  • Television Without Pity's 'Keckler' gave the episode a B minus grade. His 15 page breakdown starts here.

Further information about 'Dear Doctor' is available in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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