First Look At 'Next Generation' DVD Extras

By Caillan
January 30, 2002 - 2:13 PM

Fans eager to receive the first season of The Next Generation on DVD are about to have their appetites whetted even further with the first in-depth look at the upcoming set's contents.

The Region 2 Project recently had the opportunity to view a preview tape of the features that make up the seventh disc in the set. "Some of the material will be familiar to any real Trekker as it has appeared elsewhere," the site said, "but there is plenty of new material here to keep even the most dedicated fan happy."

The set kicks off with 'In The Beginning,' which runs for 18 minutes and features interviews shot at the time of TNG's premiere. In addition to comments from creator Gene Roddenberry and co-producer Robert Justman, the segment also shows the construction of the Enterprise-D and filming of the 'ship at warp' effects sequences.

'Selected Crew Analysis,' the second segement, lasts for 15 minutes and consists of interviews with the cast. Highlights include Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) talking about how his role is an "exploration of personal power" and an interview with first-season cast member Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar).

This is followed by a behind the scenes look at the series called 'The Making of a Legend,' which also lasts for 15 minutes. Effects guru Dan Curry explains how illusions such as force fields and the transporter beam were created.

In the 17-minute 'Memorable Moments' section the cast recall their favourite episodes from season one. Patrick Stewart talks about 'Where No One Has Gone Before,' while Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker) recalls his experiences with Armus in 'Skin of Evil.' Armin Shimerman (Quark) makes a special appearance discussing his first Trek role as a Ferengi.

"The way these programs are presented suggests that the style will be repeated on later box sets using interviews and behind the scenes [clips] from that season," the site said. "Looks like we are in for seven great box sets."

Despite all the pre-release buzz, it was recently announced that the Region 2 set has been delayed by a month. According to, the first-season DVD box set will not be released until April 1, but both the first-season and second-season sets are still available for pre-order. The Region 1 package is currently set for release on March 26 - you can still support TrekToday by ordering the DVDs through

Further analysis of the extra features can be found in the original report at the Region 2 project. Thanks to the Great Link, Leonard Lo and Johan Albrechtsen for this!

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