Billingsley's Candelight Walk For AIDS Charity

By T'Bonz
November 29, 2007 - 4:02 AM

John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox) and his wife will be leading a team in a sponsored walk on Saturday to raise money for an AIDS charity.

"The Posada is a two mile walk (really more of a leisurely stroll) to commemorate and honor those we've lost to HIV/AIDS," Billingsley told TrekToday. "It takes place around dusk, is candlelit, takes in gorgeous churches and civic institutions [and] incorporates beautiful music."

The Posada is a yearly event to raise funds for the LA-based AIDS Service Center, and this will be the charity's fifteenth walk. "The ASC is devoted to helping people who are living with AIDS and those who are afraid such a thing simply isn't possible," said a spokesperson for the Center. "We provide a raft of services to underprivileged people throughout LA County who are affected by this disease: medical care, psychiatric assistance, food, shelter, transportation, toys for kids at Christmas time, you name it."

You can find out more about the work carried out by the Center at, and more information about the walk at To sponsor Billingsley and his team, click here. "It's a great organization, a cool event ... and you have no small amount of our reverence already for your support and affection," said Billingsley.

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