'Nemesis' News Roundup

By Caillan
November 29, 2002 - 3:52 PM

  • Sci-Fi Talk will be airing a series of audio interviews with 'Nemesis' cast and crew starting December 1. Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Brent Spiner (Data), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), Tom Hardy (Shinzon), producer Rick Berman and director Stuart Baird are just some of those talking about the making of the film.

    In his interview, Patrick Stewart paid tribute to the contribution of Baird and writer John Logan. "After 'Insurrection', I had a fairly firm feeling, because that film didn't do too well, that that might be the close anyway, until the franchise that is the Next Generation was given a tremendous boost - and it cannot be over-estimated - with the addition of John Logan to this world, and subsequently Stuart [Baird] too. The presence of two outsiders, enthusiastic in their different ways, has been very, very significant, and I think it has created in all of us an optimism about the possible future for the series."

    Transcripts will be posted at the site's 'Nemesis' page.

  • Speaking to Sci Fi Wire, producer Rick Berman offered his opinion on whether 'Nemesis' will be the end of the line for the movie franchise. "There is some degree of finality to it," Berman said of the film. "But as to whether that means it's the last film with this cast is yet to be decided. The next film could have this cast. It could have a combination of this cast and people from other casts or a combination of this cast and new people. We just haven't decided yet." Read the full interview here at the Sci Fi Wire.

  • Paul Tonks at Movie Poop Shoot has reviewed Jerry Goldsmith's score for Trek X. Here's an excerpt from the analysis:

    My feeling now is that the Trek series suffers from over-conceptualisation at the hands of a production hierarchy that's long since expended any creative input it had to offer. Goldsmithís overuse of electronics in his Trek oeuvre may seem directly proportionate to the film seriesí overuse of CGI, but is in reality a reflection of the composerís own stylistic preferences and career development. Or lack thereof.

    The soundtrack was awarded a score of 3 out of 5 in the full review.

  • An excerpt from the 'Nemesis' novelisation has been posted at the Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database. The novelisation, which includes a look at the making of the movie, can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com.

  • Cardassia.com.ar reported that 'Nemesis' distributor United Intenational Pictures has not yet decided whether to screen Trek X in Argentina. For details on the campaign to bring the film to Argentina, head over to this page.

  • According to Caribbean Cinemas, 'Nemesis' will premiere in Puerto Rico on December 19. Thanks to Joel Villarini for this!

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