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By Lisa
November 29, 2001 - 8:10 PM

Hello World!

It's always nice to see the movie of a really good book, or read the book that inspired a movie. But right now, I'm reading a book that inspired one of my favourite computer games.

'Shui Hu Zhuan' is a Chinese classic that involves 108 stars and spirits being losed on the earth and gathering together to form a great power. I first ran into its computer game incarnation as 'Suikoden' on the Playstation, and later snapped up its sequel, 'Suikoden II.' After a bit of research I tracked down an English translation of the book that inspired the games. It was another matter altogether finding a copy in England.

Now I've got myself a copy of 'Outlaws of the Marsh' and its a great read. I can see now where the games got their epic storyline and feeling of depth. The third game in the series is due out in February next year for Playstaion 2 in Japan. I really hope a European release follows soon afterwards. Fat chance, but I can hope, right?

More information about the Suikoden games and the book can be found at Suikosource.

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