Park Excited About Hoshi's Development

By Caillan
November 29, 2001 - 1:19 PM

If there's one thing that excites Linda Park about Enterprise, it's the chance to take her character Hoshi Sato on a voyage of self-discovery.

"There's a journey to be had with [her]," Park told Yolk Magazine's Alex Luu (via "I'm playing her younger than me a little bit. I'm fairly young but she has more naivete. She's really proud and idealistic. Hoshi doesn't like being the damsel in distress. She wishes she can be stronger and that's something to build to. The reason I make her younger now is because there's a journey to becoming a woman."

The actress has a clear objective of where she would like to see Hoshi go in the next few years. "I would love to see what that would look like and for audiences to see Hoshi come into her own and to become confident and find her power," she said. "Her power doesn't have to be this stoic dragon lady power. There is a lot of exciting stuff to be done with the character and they're really open to doing it. [Enterprise creators] Brannon Braga and Rick Berman said, 'We would like her to at some point become a space babe and be out there with the guys kicking a shooting guns!'"

Stereotypes abound in Hollywood, yet Park said she feels Hoshi breaks the Asian-American mould. "What really intrigued me was when they said [Hoshi] is 'spirited.' I really don't believe in having definitions of what is considered Asian but it's hard to be outside of that when you live in a world such as Hollywood where everything is a breakdown; where everyone can be put in a box right away three lines and under. The first two things that I tested for this year I was up against all these Caucasian actresses which was a great thing to see in Hollywood.

"But usually the adjectives are 'reserved,' 'sexy,' 'cold.' It's that kind of Lucy Liu-ish part, that idea of the dominatrix Asian fantasy/dragon lady that's existed before her in Hollywood. I was so sick of that archetype even though that does exist in Asian women as well as other types of women. It's a beautiful thing because it's a power of femininity but there's so many other colours of myself as an Asian woman that I would love to see portrayed on television."

The full article can be found in the October issue of Yolk, which is available for online ordering. Alternatively, a transcript can be found here at Park's official website.

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