Gaming Bullets

By Amy
November 29, 2000 - 4:45 PM

  • Computer Games online has posted another interview with the Collective, producers of 'Deep Space Nine – the Fallen', primarily covering points that have been dealt with in previous interviews.

  • There's a 'The Fallen' review up at Gameplex, but unfortunately, since I don't read German, I can only tell you they gave it 88%.

  • Gamespy also have a review of 'The Fallen'. Lee "Grignard" Haumersen rated it a 93, citing the solid story and fluid movements on the positive side, but finding fault with the control system and maze-like levels.

  • There is a preview of 'Star Fleet Command II' available at 'Hailing Frequeinces', and online SFC fanzine. To say that previewer Dennis "SFCShadow" Greene was impressed is an understatement. He finishes off his preview with: "In closing I would like to say that the promise and potential I see in Starfleet Command II: Empires at War is nothing short of stunning"

  • MGON has a review of 'Star Trek: New Worlds'. Like many other reviews, it was awarded a relatively low score – 60%- with graphics and sound rating the highest on their scorecard.

  • Also, Michael Ahlf of Glide underground has posted a somewhat belated reviewof 'Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force'. He was apparently very taken with the game, coming up with only two cons – that the mulitplayer is exactly like Quake 3 (which might not be seen by many as a minus) and that there were "Too few polygons on faces: too many on Seven of Nine's "curved surfaces."

  • Decipher, makers of the Star Trek CCG, have again posted an update of the current game rulings. The site has also posted a listing of venues where 'Mirror Mirror' the pre-release tournaments will take place.

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