Cho Looks Forward To Learning From Fellow Performers

By Michelle
October 29, 2007 - 11:20 PM

John Cho, the actor cast to play Sulu in the Star Trek prequel film, didn't wish to share his thoughts on being in a blockbuster genre film but said that he tries to have a good time acting on all his projects.

"With any actor, the periods of nonwork are exaggerated in our heads. Two weeks feels like an eternity, like we’re never going to work again," Cho told Phoenix's East Valley Tribune. "Then two weeks of working never feels really balanced, but you do what you can."

Having filmed guest roles on Ugly Betty, Til Death and How I Met Your Mother, the actor is most eager to talk about the second Harold & Kumar movie, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, which he shot before he was cast in the Star Trek film. "I just feel like we would have let people down if we didn’t do another one...there was just so much interest. It's a social responsibility," he said.

Like his predecessor as Sulu, George Takei - who said he has seen Cho's theatre work and gave him his blessing - Cho is very invested in what it means to be committed to American values. "I'm a patriot. In these difficult more than ever," he explained.

The ups and downs of the entertainment business have taught him "to not look too far ahead and to not fret about things you can’t control and to have a good time the day-of and not worry about show night or how the episode turns out," Cho added. "I feel like the point is to come in and have a good time acting." He said he also tried to learn from each cast he worked with: "Betty has a very unique rhythm, and they have just an unbelievable cast and it's always fun to just hang around really good actors and you always take notes."

The full interview is here.

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