A Bad Hair Day On 'Enterprise' For Alec Newman

By Chris Wales
October 29, 2004 - 8:03 PM

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It might have been all the rage when Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan aired... but the actor playing one of the genetic supermen in tonight's Enterprise outing "Borderland" seemed to think it was a rather borderline hairstyle.

In a nod to the look of the second Trek film, the "Augments" in "Borderland", including Alec Newman's character Malik, will sport hairstyles akin to those of the supermen in the film - including a full eighties mullet for the de facto ringleader of the group.

That said, he was grateful that his make-up routine wasn't as demanding as that of other actors on the show. "I managed to escape the prosthetic situation on 'Enterprise.' I managed to have my own face, albeit with some rather unfortunate hair. We were laughing about that," said Newman. "We have these hairpieces, and I came up with the theory that because 'The Wrath of Khan' was made in 1982 or whatever it was, and they all had these terrible mullets, we, of course, as Augments, have to have the 1982 style."

Newman was also enthusiastic both on being a Scot and being with Scott. "It's been a great honour to be the first real Scot to appear in Star Trek", he said. "I watched Star Trek as a kid and always found the show amazing. "I'm a huge fan of Scott Bakula [...] me and my mum used to watch him in Quantum Leap - he still looks younger than me!"

For more of the interviews with Newman, including how he feels about appearances on shows such as Enterprise, check out the original articles at Timesleader.com and the Daily Record.

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