Art Asylum Announces Modified Line-Up For TOS Figures

By Chris Wales
October 29, 2004 - 1:46 PM

Art Asylum official Adam Unger has announced changes to the line-up of the third set of original series figures to be released early next year – including the dropping the Salt Vampire figure

Unger contacted Toy News International to let them know of the plans. In short, the Salt Vampire will be dropped, and the Yellow Shirt Kirk figure will be replaced with a 'Battle Damaged Captain James T. Kirk' figure. The remaining figures - Kor the Klingon, Orion Slave Girl and The Gorn will still be included in the range.

The Salt Vampire figure was reportedly dropped due to tooling problems which have so far held up the release of the series. Rather than delay the rest of the series any further, it has been held back and may potentially be included in a future assortment or as an exclusive item. The 'Salt Vampire' was the name given by fans to describe the creature of planet M-113, which killed victims to extract salt from their body. It was seen in the original series episode "The Man Trap".

The Captain Kirk figure, originally to be the same version as was offered at conventions in the summer of last year (image), has been replaced with a version that will show his shirt ripped, marked to show damage as it appeared when he fought the Gorn in the first season original series episode "Arena".

For the full article, head over to Toy News International. Thanks to TrekWeb for this!

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