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UPN Releases November Episode Summaries

By Michelle
October 29, 2003 - 8:06 PM

UPN has released details of its planned broadcasts during "A November To Remember", the sweeps month schedule for UPN and fellow Viacom network CBS.

The Futon Critic has details provided by the network of the four November episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, beginning with next week's "Twilight."

On November 5th, Archer will lose his short-term memory and wake up each day unable to remember anything from the day before. When the crew cannot keep him up to date, Tucker takes command of the ship while T'Pol becomes the captain's caretaker, trying to help solve his dilemma.

Previous reports have indicated that at the start of the episode, Archer wakes to discover that the conflict with the Xindi is over and that T'Pol is in command of the ship.

In "North Star" on November 12th, Archer finds thousands of humans living on a distant planet that seems to be an imitation of America's Old West. Learning that the humans are oppressing the aliens who originally brought them to that world as slaves, Archer tries to negotiate the conflict.

As previously reported, this episode was inspired by "A Piece of the Action" and other original Star Trek episodes in which Captain Kirk's crew found Earth-like civilizations influenced by prior contact with humans.

The episode for November 19th will be "Similitude", in which an accident leaves Tucker mortally injured, inspiring Phlox to create a clone of the engineer in the hope that he can rescue the ship from the destructive space cloud in which it is adrift.

Earlier press information has indicated that viewers will see Trip at various young ages, and that the potentially life-saving transplant from his "mimetic simbiot" grown from one of Phlox's exotic creatures poses ethical dilemmas for the crew.

Finally, on November 26th, Enterprise will air the modern-time episode "Carpenter Street" which finds Archer and T'Pol in present-day Earth following a visit from Crewman Daniels, the time traveler from the 29th Century. There they must stop a group of Xindi agents trying to build a biological weapon to destroy the human race.

The initial episode reports state that the Xindi-Reptilians are working in Detroit, Michigan, filmed on the Paramount backlot's New York sets.

The original UPN synopses can be found at The Futon Critic. More information is available in The Trek Nation Episode Guide.

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