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'Nemesis' Romulan Actors Named

By Caillan
October 29, 2002 - 11:14 AM

A three-time Trek guest star, a 24 recurring cast member and a former Australian soap star will fill three Romulan roles in the upcoming 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

TrekZone.de reported that Shannon Cochran, Jude Ciccolella and Alan Dale will appear as Senator Tal'Aura, Commander Suran and Praetor Hiren, respectively.

Cochran, who can currently be seen at movie theatres in 'The Ring,' has appeared on Trek three times before. The actress played Kalita in TNG's 'Preemptive Strike' and DS9's 'Defiant,' as well as General Martok's wife, Sirella, in DS9's 'You Are Cordially Invited.' Senator Tal'Aura is said to be supportive of Trek X's main villain, Shinzon.

24 fans will recognise Ciccolella from his recurring role as Chief of Staff Mike Novick on the series. The actor has guest starred in Law & Order and ER, and can also be seen in the upcoming film 'Daredevil.' Ciccolella's character is described as a "respected and tenacious" Romulan officer.

Dale is probably best known as Jim Robinson in the long-running Australian soap opera, Neighbours. Since moving to the United States he has appeared in ER, Philly and Space: Above and Beyond, also playing the 'Toothpick Man' in The X-Files. Dale portrays Praetor Hiren, the leader of the Romulan Senate.

The original article, which includes photos of the characters, can be found here at TrekZone.de.

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