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By Christian
October 29, 2000 - 10:55 PM

Jim Wright at Delta Blues recently returned from his trip to Robert Beltran's Galaxy Ball, and yesterday updated his site with several new Voyager features:

  • In the first place, there are bare-bones transcripts of 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two', 'Imperfection' and 'Repression'. These currently just consist of the dialogue from the episodes, but should be fleshed out with a full synopsis and analysis of the episodes soon.

  • Already fully finished is the Delta Blues review of 'Drive', last week's new Voyager episode. Though much of the analysis was written by guest reviewer Heather Jarman, here is Jim's own short take on the episode, which he awarded 3.5 out of 4 stars:

    is a solid, well-crafted hour of television that plays off the established strengths and shortcomings of the regulars without appearing contrived. I have my quibbles--I'm one of those who wonders, "where the heck was the 'I love you'? What happened to the engagement and/or wedding?" (Heather has her response to such questions below, but I'm sticking to my guns. I would have preferred at least a nod in this direction. But perhaps that's just me.)

    Still, everyone stayed more or less in character, the performances were for the most part excellent, the writing was tight and well-paced and gave every cast member at least one good scene...and dang it, "Drive" was FUN. It dared to call "the mushy stuff" exactly what it is, and made room for it even as B'Elanna validated her comments in "Muse". ("When your life is on the line, you're not thinking about kissing." Immediately before, right after--sure, that's fine. But during the danger itself, concentrate on saving lives.) The interesting thing is that they carried on their Big Talk even during the crisis period, but the tone of it was appropriate to the moment.

    It's an odd variant on Happily Ever After, but given the last four years of this very stormy relationship, it fits.

    For the full review, please follow this link.

  • And finally, the site has been updated with a new 'Drive'-related story by DangerMom, called 'Driven'.
In other, a bit more current, episode review news, Michael Hinman at SyFy World has put up his analysis of 'Repression', which he thought was the worst episode this season:

Before 1995, I always wondered what it would be like to have a non-episode of Star Trek. Since Voyager premiered, however, we've gotten several obvious examples of such.

Repression should never appear the top of any list of episodes but one. The "Thanks for the tease, but now I'm going home to do something else" list.

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