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By Christian
October 29, 2000 - 10:29 PM

Hello World!

For the first time in years, I finally managed to avoid showing up anywhere too early because of the change to winter time this morning. Unfortunately, this didn't really have anything to do with me remembering the change, but rather with the shiny new radio-controlled alarm clock I received for Christmas, which set itself to the correct time this morning and so automatically woke me up an hour later than it normally would have. When I woke up I'd of course completely forgotten about the winter time, and only noticed the change when I turned on my computer a short while later and Windows informed it had changed the time to winter time. This led to a momentary rush of panic on my side as I thought I was too late for an appointment (mistakenly adding an hour to the already-corrected time my alarm clock was displaying), but fortunately I figured it out before making a wild dash out of the front door to still try to get on time.

I still think changes from summer to winter time and vice versa shouldn't occur at two in the night, but rather sometime in the afternoon. The only things I generally tend to think about before having breakfast is getting to the shower and out again, and even that takes some effort when it's really early - surely I can't be expected to also take complicated one-hour shifts in the space-time continuum into account at the same time as well?

Link of the Day: Witty Banter. I've actually been meaning to link to this site for about two weeks now, as webmaster Michael Stevens recently wrote another article on his dislike of Voyager's direction, which would have been a News Bullet had I not forgotten about it every day. Witty Banter itself is one of my favourite daily stops, even if it's nowadays only updated once a week or so. Particularly interesting are the looks at the more mundane, everyday issues or the personal looks at the webmaster's lives (sort of like 'Hello World!' expanded into a full site) as well as the site's forums, but the political commentaries also available on the site are about as far-removed from my own opinions as possible. This doesn't matter very much, though - nowadays I just skip the articles on heavy issues and move on to the entertaining personal columns, because it's really this personal touch that makes WB well worth visiting. Click here to do exactly that.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-What do you think about the news the three latest Trek series will likely end up on cable?

-Who is the best online Trek reviewer?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Today On TV

-In the United States, the Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Seriesepisode 'The Tholian Web'at 10:00am Eastern Time.

-In Canada, Space! will be showingthe Original Series' 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' at 10:00am, followed an hour later by TNG's 'Where Silence Has Lease'.

-In the United Kingdom,Sky One will be showing TNg's 'Haven' at 15:00 GMT, and 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' at 16:00.Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

-Here in The Netherlands, RTL 5 will be showingDS9's 'Empok Nor'at 18:05 CET. Thanks go out to for this!

-And in Belgium, Kanaal 2 will be showing DS9's 'You Are Cordially Invited' at 18:00 CET.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

How would you grade 'Repression'?
7-8 26.9% - (247 Votes)
Wasn't able to see it 20.3% - (187 Votes)
5-6 19.2% - (177 Votes)
9-10 18% - (166 Votes)
3-4 6.4% - (59 Votes)
1-2 6.3% - (58 Votes)
Didn't want to see it 2.6% - (24 Votes)

Total Votes: 918

Thanks for voting, as usual! The new poll is related to the recent report that the rerun rights to the latest three Star Trek spin-offs will likely be going to a cable network. Where would you like to see them end up?

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