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D.C. Fontana's Favorite 'Star Trek'

By T'Bonz
September 29, 2008 - 9:23 PM

Like many Star Trek fans, D.C. Fontana shares similar tastes when it comes to which original series episodes she enjoys the most.

As reported by Sci, Fontana's favorite episode, Amok Time, takes place on Vulcan. "This is the first real introduction into the Vulcan world, its ceremonies, cultural history and rituals," said Fontana. "[Writer] Ted Sturgeon came up with a rich and complex tradition for Vulcans, played out largely in a ceremonial site on Vulcan. The fact that it deeply involves Spock [Leonard Nimoy], who is behaving in a vastly un-Spockian way, propels the story throughout."

Another favorite for Fontana is The City on the Edge of Forever. "The story has such wonderful elements in it," explained Fontana. "The Guardian of Forever on a planet in a time vortex; the time travel to Los Angeles in the 1930s; McCoy [DeForest Kelley] out of control and under the accidental influence of a drug, leaping through the Guardian into that very alien past time; Kirk and Spock forced to go after McCoy to save him; a very real (and doomed) love story for Kirk. His relationship with Edith Keeler (beautifully played by Joan Collins) is quite possibly the only genuine love story ever felt by our captain."

One of Fontana's own stories made her top five list. Journey to Babel was "The favorite of all the ones I wrote on 'Star Trek', said Fontana. 'Amok Time' and 'The Naked Time' paved the way to tell stories about Spock and Vulcan. I recalled John D.F. Black's words in "The Naked Time" about Spock's parents: His father was a Vulcan ambassador, his mother was a human teacher. In the second season, I went to Gene Roddenberry and told him I wanted to do a story about Spock's parents, who they were, how they related to Spock, because all of that made Spock who he was. I threw in an adventure and a murder mystery, but it all came down to the relationships between three people of a family unit. In addition to Leonard Nimoy's terrific performance as Spock, I couldn't have been more blessed with the casting of the beautiful Jane Wyatt as Amanda and Mark Lenard as Sarek."

To read more and see Fontana's other choices, head to the article located here.

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