CGI Artists Create Original Series Calendar Art

By Michelle
September 29, 2005 - 6:53 PM

A number of former Star Trek CGI artists have created new original art for the 2006 Ships of the Line calendar from Pocket Books, including Academy Award winner Doug Drexler and NX-01 designer John Eaves.

TrekBBS member ncc71877 has revealed the images inside the 2006 calendar, produced in honour of the upcoming 40th anniversary of the original series. The cover, "Shore Leave" by Drexler, shows the original Enterprise in orbit of what appears to be the moon.

ncc71877 reveals that the other images include "“This Unit Must Survive!", the graphic for May by Koji Kuramura, depicting the Enterprise under the control of the M-5 computer passing among the wreckage from three Constitution-class starships from "The Ultimate Computer." The July graphic, "Lady of the Canyons" showing the USS Farragut shuttlecraft McAuliffe, is by Jose Perez, who has also worked on the new Battlestar Galactica and on Serenity.

Other images include October's "All I Ask is a Tall Ship," Lee Stringer's art of the Enterprise getting a major refit, and December's "Beyond Antares", a painting of the Enterprise by Eaves.

In the same BBS thread where this was revealed, Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark explained that the centerfold, "Repairs at the Rim of Starlight", was incorrectly credited to Sean Scott, who did one of the monthly images. It should have been credited to Fred Pienkos.

Ships of the Line is now shipping from, as are the 2006 Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek (original series) and Stardate Day To Day calendars.

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