DeCandido: Why I Killed One Of Trek's Long-Standing Characters

By Chris Wales
September 29, 2004 - 2:14 PM

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Trek novel author Keith R. A. DeCandido revealed the reasons behind his decision to kill off a long-standing staple of the Next Generation - ever-silent Betazed valet Mr. Homn.

"Part of the point of the story was to show people losing everything in one horrible moment of destruction," said DeCandido in a chat with alongside fellow collaborators David Mack and Howard Weinstein. "Mr. Homn was always by Lwaxana's side, so I thought losing him would give the story an added poignancy." The events in question occur in "The Ceremony of Innocence is Drowned", part of the Tales of the Dominion War anthology edited by DeCandido.

DeCandido was also happy to divulge a little about his upcoming work – a sequel to the popular Captain's Table book series. An anthology entitled Tales from the Captain's Table, he promised it would showcase "the captains who've been added to the Trek pantheon since [the previous Captain's Table series]: Archer, Shelby, Klag, Gold, Riker, Chakotay...".

Fellow author David Mack of SCE: Starfleet Corps of Engineers fame also has a special project in the works – but remained staunchly tight-lipped on the details. The work is to be a new post-finale DS9 novel, which Mack claimed was "so top-secret that I can't even tell you the working title!"

The full interview, which included discussion of a Voyager 10th anniversary anthology and the next edition of Strange New Worlds can be found over at Tales of the Dominion War can now be ordered from

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