DS9, Dominion War To Return In Print

By Michelle
September 29, 2003 - 9:25 PM

Fans missing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine can look forward to two books reviving major themes of the series.

The first is Pocket Books' November 2003 release of S.D. Perry's hardcover novel Unity, whose description has been updated at Psi Phi.

"Now, after a harrowing and historic voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant, the weary, wounded crew of Starship Defiant is at last coming home. But the joy of their return is short-lived as the crew becomes swept up in the crisis aboard the station, with many of them confronting personal issues that force them to make life-altering choices," states the release.

"And...somewhere on Bajor...a child long awaited is about to be born."

Then, in July 2004, Pocket will release Tales of the Dominion War, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido, who posted a tentative table of contents to the Trek BBS.

The story collection will include a timeline of the war compiled by DeCandido, and will include stories by frequent Trek writers Michael Jan Friedman, Greg Cox, Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz, David Mack, Howard Weinstein and Peter David among others.

The collection will focus on events elsewhere in the galaxy than the focal points of the war at Bajor and Deep Space Nine, and will include S.C.E. and New Frontier stories.

More information on Unity may be found here, while the Tales of the Dominion War table of contents may be found here.

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