'Beauty And The Beast' Story Coming For Hoshi

By Caillan
August 29, 2003 - 10:29 AM

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Linda Park recently revealed Hoshi Sato will have an unusual relationship with an alien in a third-season Enterprise episode.

Park told fans at her official message board the upcoming instalment is a "Beauty and the Beast [story] with me and a guest alien".

Enterprise's season three has been full of challenges for the actress, who dons alien make-up for the first time in the third episode, "Extinction". The instalment, in which Reed, Hoshi and Archer mutate into an alien lifeform, had Park sympathising with her co-star John Billingsley, who takes the prosthetic plunge daily to bring life to Doctor Phlox.

"I finished playing a primitive, sort of superstrength alien lizard where I had full rubber head and contacts (I bow down to John after this experience)," Park wrote. "Despite the pain I think that it is going to be a great episode."

Park said season three has "some interesting shows" and she's just as eager to see them on the television screen as the fans. "I myself am excited to see how the season will premiere," she wrote.

The full message from the actress, in which she corrects some misquotes in her recent FHM interview and mentions a new theatre project, can be found at her official message board. Thanks to 'MvRojo' for this!

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