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By Lisa
August 30, 2002 - 1:32 AM

Hello World!

I had my biggest computing disaster for some time today. And the cause was a surprising one. A Plug and Play USB joypad.

I bought myself a Sidewinder USB joypad, thinking it would be the easiest to install and configure. And after all, if its made by the same guys who made my computer operating system, it had to work well, right?

Not so. I unwrapped it, and plugged it in. Nothing happened.
Hmm, I thought, and tried it in a different USB port. I repeated this for all 4 USB ports on my computer. Nothing happened. So I went to look at the Microsoft web site. They had a number of articles about possible solutions to this problem. So I started to work my way through them, uninstalling hardware profiles and registry editing where told. However, still my little sidewinder remained stubborn and refused to work.

I felt like such a girl. Installing new CD drives, formatting a hard disk or upgrading to XP didn't phase me, but plugging in a joypad did. Sigh.

I'd thought, that since the thing had no moving parts and came from a reputable manufacturer, there would be little chance of the actual device being faulty. Snort. Feeling very silly, I drove over and picked up a new pad. Plugged it in and it installed itself straight away. It works like a charm, and I really dig the see-through plastic.

But somehow I feel the whole process was a little unfair. Sigh.

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