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Trek X Dialogue Snippets In New Review

By Lisa
August 29, 2001 - 3:37 PM

Star Trek X was brought a little closer to the fans today with the first extracts of dialogue from the film.

A new script review written by Robnhud is online over at TrekWeb. While many of the plot lines described in the review have previously been published online, the review includes new details and the aforementioned dialogue straight from the script.

  • Shinzon, the film's villan and Romulan-made Picard clone, was constructed to age very quickly in order to match Picard. However, the process has gone wrong and he is now dying. He needs some blood from Picard in order to survive. He is maddened by the fact that Picard gets to live while he must die, and this provides his motivation for wanting to kill Picard and cripple Earth.

  • The movie will begin with the murder of the Romulan senate. Shinzon has developed a weapon which uses 'thalaron radiation' to destroy organic matter. A small box will appear in the senate chamber which will at first confuse the delegates. Green light will emerge from the box, which begins to melt their flesh. Thus the movie begins in a rather grizzly manner.

  • On the way to Betazed for wedding festivities of Troi and Riker, the Enterprise gets sidetracked and stumbles upon the parts of B-9, Data's Romulan-made clone. Here Picard gets to drive his 24th-century land vehicle. It is noted that B-9 has a limited vocabulary and speaks like a young child. Shinzon planted him on the planet to be found by the Enterprise, and once on board the ship, the Picard clone is able to use B-9 to beam Picard to his own warbird, the Scimitar. The Scimitar is a very high powered ship. Later in the movie, Worf describes its specifications and is interrupted by Riker with the line "She’s not out for a pleasure cruise."

  • Picard is rescued from Shinzon in a high-velocity escape sequence. Impersonating B-9, Data is able to free Picard and escape to a small shuttle called the 'Scorpion.' Unfortunately Shinzon attempt to stop them by blocking the shuttle bay doors with a force field. The shuttle takes another way out, by racing through the halls of the Scimitar and eventually crashing through the windows of an observation lounge.

  • A new Reman character will act as Shinzon's viceroy. Though yet unnamed, the character is described as being vampire-like in appearance. As a Reman he is part of a slave race used by the Romulans to mine dilithium - the Romulus and Remus of Romulan legend. Remans can only live on the dark side of their world, Remus, because the light side is too hot for habitation. The viceroy has been with Shinzon for many years. In the film, he will use his unique telepathic abilities to enable Shinzon to 'mentally rape' Troi. Troi is able to use this link later in the movie in order to locate the hiding Scimitar. The viceroy will meet his demise at the hands of Riker, who alludes to his enemy's inability to live in light with the line "Don't worry, Hell is dark."

  • Taking over the main humourous role in the film is Worf. While at the wedding reception, the Klingon feels the after effects of too much indulgence in Romulan Ale. He comments to Geordi that the beverage should be illegal. LaForge replies that the drink already is illegal. "Then it should be more illegal," replies Worf. When pressed by Deanna to appear naked at her wedding, Worf is unmoved by her protests. When Deanna tells him that he should appreciate such a fine Betazoid tradition, he replies "A warrior does not appear without his clothing. It leaves him... vulnerable."

  • Women drivers can breath sighs of relief, as the film will not leave them open to more bad puns. The review notes that yes, Deanna takes the helm, but that the ship does not suffer the same fate as in 'Generations.'

  • The meeting between the Enterprise and the Scimitar is described as "easily the most ambitious space battle for a Trek film." The Enterprise backed by two warbirds will take on Shinzon's ship. Unfortunately, the Scimitar "rips through the first warbird like tissue paper and it seriously cripples the second." The Enterprise is seriously damaged, losing the front half of the bridge exposed to space and sucking the helmsman out into space. No computer view screen is needed to display the second half of the battle. In a last ditch effort to prevent Shinzon reaching Earth, the Enterprise rams into the Scimitar, imbedding the saucer section in the Romulan ship. Shinzon orders his own ship to shake the interloper free. The script describes the battle as "two scorpions locked together in a heated fight." However, the resolution of the battle, and the film, is not revealed.

Robnhud comments that more back story is needed on Shinzon. "There are no scenes on the slave world Remus, where Shinzon has been imprisoned for most of his life," he wrote, "there are no scenes explaining where Picard's genetic material was acquired, there is not even a concrete explanation of how old Shinzon really is, who specifically created him or what has happened to him other than being forgotten on Remus."

He also wonders if the script is now a little short, consisting of only 109 pages, working out at around an hour and forty-five minutes of movie. More scenes on Remus and more time devoted to Shinzon and Romulan politics would "go a long way toward balancing the script."

More details can he found in the full analysis here at TrekWeb.

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