First 'Enterprise' Cast Portraits Released

By Caillan
August 29, 2001 - 3:08 PM

How can you tell that a Star Trek series has really arrived? Why, when they release the first season cast portraits, of course!

Two full sets of studio photographs featuring the cast of the latest Star Trek series, Enterprise, were released by Cinescape today.

The first type features the crew against a 'futuristic' background - two silver walls with holes in them, and a chequered floor. The second set of photographs have been taken on the Enterprise sets, depicting the various crewmembers leaning against a bulkhead.

Included in this interior group is a picture of the cast on the bridge, gathered around Scott Bakula (Captain Archer), who is sitting in the command chair.

Also shown below are two of the most unique photos in the series - Captain Archer in the bronze spacesuit, and the clearest image yet of Dr. Phlox, the alien physician aboard the NX-01.

The full complement of Enterprise cast photos can be found here at Cinescape. Thanks to 'robshot' for this!

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