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Trek Movie To Beam Down To Vulcan?

By Lisa
August 29, 2001 - 12:48 PM

The Vulcan Spaceship With online reviews of the latest script revisions continuing to appear and the ongoing rumours of behind-the-scenes contract wranglings, the 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' rumour mill has never been stronger. The latest edition of online rumblings about the film concerns a possible filming location.

According to a report on the Coming Attractions web site, the appropriately named town of Vulcan, in Alberta Canada, may be one location that has grabbed the attention of the film's scouts.

"The production company for Star Trek 10 has already reserved the land they need to film certain scenes for their new Star Trek film," said the report. "My brother lives in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada and he was asked by movie producers if they could use his land for a scene in a new Star Trek movie. When he asked them for more info, all they said was that the scene will take place in a 'Vulcan-like area.'"

Vulcan lies about 120 kilometers south east of Calgary, and is a town that likes to take advantage of its obvious Star Trek parallels. The large starship statue pictured above - the FX6-1995-A Constitution class - is situated near the main entrance to the town. Its base features plaques greeting visitors to the town in English, Vulcan and Klingon. We are reliably informed that the residents do not have pointed ears.

The region of Alberta features very diverse landscape that could be applied to a number of Trek X's plot locations. The Canadian rockies or the coulees - deep cuts in the land left by glaciers - could double as the surface of a planet. Vast areas of farmland or acres of wilderness in the north could also be dressed as exotic locations. But filming part of the latest Trek movie in Vulcan would certainly prove that the producers have a sense of humour. And do wonders for the town's already booming Trek tourist industry.

The original report can be found here at Coming Attractions. Please note that none of these details have been confirmed by Paramount and should be taken with a rather large pinch of salt until more information becomes available.

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