First 'Enterprise' Location Stills In UK Magazine

By Caillan
August 29, 2001 - 4:16 AM

Starburst cover image - copyright Visual Imagination

The latest edition of U.K. SF magazine Starburst features the first images of the Enterprise crew on location as well as what is likely to be the first season cast portrait.

The magazine's cover shows six of the main Enterprise crew members on the bridge, grouped around Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) sitting in the command chair.

Included inside are photos of Sub-Commander T'Pol on a beach, and Klaang, the Klingon who crash-lands in the pilot, in the cornfield at Broken Bow. In the magazine, the production stills are full-page images, and also include photos of Charlie Tucker, Hoshi Sato, Captain Archer and Travis Mayweather.

T'Pol photo- copyright Visual Imagination/Paramount Pictures Klaang photo - copyright Visual Imagination/Paramount Pictures

An interview with Captain Archer himself, Scott Bakula, is also featured in the magazine, as well a look at the 22nd century, as depicted in previous Star Trek series.

For fans of the other Trek incarnations, this issue will incorporate a seven-season Voyager episode guide, in addition to interviews with DS9's Armin Shimerman (Quark), Max Grodenchik (Rom) and Aron Eisenberg (Nog).

The issue, special 49, will be available in the United Kingdom from today. Alternatively, it can be ordered online. Thanks to Miri for this!

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