TNG May Be Remastered Like TOS

By Michelle
July 29, 2007 - 12:21 AM

In the wake of the success of the remastered original Star Trek episodes, which will be released on HD-DVD this fall, CBS is considering remastering Star Trek: The Next Generation as well. reported from Comic-Con that David Grant, a member of the CBS team involved with remastering the original series, mentioned that they have "had discussions" about preparing The Next Generation for high definition release. The team has also created a test episode in HD.

Unlike the original series, which was produced entirely on film, Next Gen's visual effects were created on video, which makes them more difficult to enhance for high definition television and DVD.

"Part of the tests that we are trying to massage and figure out," according to Ryan Adams, is whether the effects can be worked with as they are or whether they will need to be recreated entirely, as with the original series.

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