More from Comic-Con: Nimoy and Quinto on Spock

By Michelle
July 28, 2007 - 10:09 AM

The official Star Trek site has posted a full transcript of the Paramount Pictures Star Trek presentation from Comic-Con in San Diego, at which Leonard Nimoy said it was "logical" to appear in the upcoming film as Spock and the producers explained their plans from here.

Movie producers J.J. Abrams (director), Alex Kurtzman (writer), Roberto Orci (writer), Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk and Stratton Leopold all appeared, though only Abrams and Lindelof spoke, according to, which also noted that Abrams' mysterious Cloverfield received a lot of attention.

Abrams introduced Zachary Quinto, the principal villain of Heroes, who will be playing young Spock while Nimoy reprises his role as the older character. As for the role of Kirk and whether William Shatner might appear, "We can't just shove him in, it would be a disaster...and we're looking for a Kirk. Because that's tough too...we're taking Kirk names."

"It's really pretty incredible to be a part of something that's so iconic, and to be doing it with the support and the involvement of the man who created the role is a true honor," Quinto said. "I certainly intend to bring my own spin on it, and working with these guys I'm sure we'll be able to find that, but it's really nice to know that he's behind it himself."

Nimoy was teased about the suit he wore for his "Bilbo Baggins" song many years ago and said, "We have a great director and a wonderful actor playing Spock, young Spock...a fabulous script. This is really going to be a great movie, and I mean that."

Abrams promised more news by the July 2008 Comic-Con. The full report is at

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