Trinneer On T'Pol Romance: Make It Grow Or Drop It

By Michelle
July 29, 2004 - 7:10 PM

A day after news leaked of Jolene Blalock's objections to the T'Pol-Tucker relationship on Star Trek: Enterprise, Connor Trinneer has been quoted as saying "If they're going to do that again, I sure hope they make it evolve."

At UPN's fall press preview in Los Angeles last week, according to Sci Fi Wire, Trinneer said that he liked the developing dynamic between Tucker and Captain Archer and the darker aspects of his character, but expressed some of the same frustration Blalock did about the stop-and-go romance. "If that's going to happen, then make it go in a direction," Trinneer insisted.

Otherwise, he found last season a good experience in terms of character growth. "I think Trip's full of dark, ambiguous stuff," he said. "I think that that's definitely...a part of him beforehand. I don't think that was anything new in terms of my own process about playing him."

As for dealing with Tucker's sister's death in the Xindi attack on Earth at the start of last season, "It's something, of course, that he'd never dealt with on the show before." Playing a combination of what Blalock described as "some catfish-eating honky-tonk guy" and a man coming through a grave personal loss, he said, "makes it more interesting to be funny and tragic."

Blalock's comments were originally reported here. Trinneer's comments are at Sci Fi Wire.

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