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John Teska On 'Endgame' Borg FX

By Caillan
July 29, 2001 - 10:28 AM

It was Admiral Janeway who delivered the crippling blow to the Borg Queen in 'Endgame,' but it was up to the special effects team at Foundation Imaging to make the character fall apart - literally.

"It was definitely a challenge, because this time I couldn't just dust off the stuff we had done before," Foundation Imaging's Director of Animation John Teska told Star Trek Monthly, referring to the climactic destruction of the Borg Queen (via CyFy Pulse). "It was a whole new sequence."

To aid in the creation of the scene's visual effects, members of the team were on set to watch it being filmed. "[Visual effects producer] Dan Curry has always provided us with great visual elements to work with," said Teska. "I had no doubts about what material we would receive from Paramount, but because we were so close to the ending and so anxious to make sure everything came out correctly, it was just good to have multiple eyes there [on the set] to look over each other's shoulders. And for me, it was even a bit of nostalgia, because it was really going to be my last chance to go to the set and see the actors working."

"It was storyboarded originally by Dan Curry, so he and the directer [Allan Kroeker] had worked out in advance what they wanted to see," he continued. "They didn't want that scene to be too driven by the effects. They really wanted to make sure the characters were front and centre."

In the end, Teska felt that the scene worked out extremely successfully. "When I was watching the show, I was more interested in the dramatic theme that was playing out than the fact that her lips were falling off."

The full interview, which includes details of the creation of other 'Endgame' effects, can be found here at CyFy Pulse.

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