First Images Of 'Enterprise' Aliens And Phase Pistol

By Caillan
July 29, 2001 - 8:05 AM

Possible Suliban photo - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures

Images of two previously unseen aspects of Enterprise appeared online today - a new alien race, mostly likely the Suliban, and the phase pistol.

TrekZone acquired the screencaps from the same UPN affiliate footage as the image of Dr. Phlox, together with a shot of the transporter room and Captain Archer holding the phase pistol.

The above image shows a member of a previously unseen alien race, presumably the Suliban, who are introduced in the Enteprise pilot, 'Broken Bow.' A species obsessed with genetic enhancement, the Suliban are also able to modify their skeletal structure - an ability that will be demonstrated several times in the pilot (story).

Phase Pistol - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures

Also shown in the promo was the latest in 22nd century weapons technology, the phase pistol, seen here in a close-up. Created by Archer's Armory officer, Malcolm Reed, the pistol is the ancestor of the phaser seen in the later series. In 'Broken Bow,' Reed tells Archer that "There are two settings: stun and kill. Be sure to know the difference."

The original TrekZone report, which also includes images of the Enterprise transporter room and Captain Archer holding the phase pistol, can be found here.

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