Even More On 'Imperfection' and 'Drive'.

By Christian
July 29, 2000 - 2:00 AM

The Trekker Newsletter has been updated with new spoilers on 'Imperfection' and 'Drive', two episodes that will air early in Voyager's seventh season. Take a look:

  • 'Imperfection' - The twin borgs and Mezotti are gotten rid of in "Imperfection. Icheb remains however. When Seven's cordical implant stops working, the crew tries to find her a replacement by raiding some dead borg. That wont work, and they need a live one. Seven looks like she will die, but just before that happens, Icheb saves her by taking off his own implant. He is able to attempt to survive, since he was never fully assimilated in the maturation chamber. He is also younger and stronger.

  • 'Drive' - Paris builds the Delta Flyer up and ends up entering sort of Baja race across the solar system. The race is among several different species to celebrate a new peace accord after many years of war. Torres becomes Tom's co-pilot. Harry teams up with a female pilot from another team when her regular co-pilot gets injured. Turns out she is evil and sort a terrorist out to destroy the race and the peace by rigging the flyer.

  • The Trekker Newsletter's Voyager spoilers page can be found here.

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